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Reason Code not showing

Reason Code not showing

New Contributor II


I am facing frequent client disconnection issue with AP7522 which are adopted with VX9000.In version 5.5,reason code used to appear in event log but in version 5.9 reason code is not showing in event log.

What command should I use to see reason code for client disconnection?



Valued Contributor II

Hi Arun,


You can also try to collect events regarding particular client with ‘remote-debug wireless’ command.

But for a bigger picture - is your main issue appearing on one or many APs? On one or many client device types? What can be seen in this small portion of logs you showed, was that same client “C4-D9-87-9A-0E-F2“ failed the handshake on two APs and it succeeded with the third one. It would be good to double-check config consistency and issues related with things that may affect particular client devices (like 11r vs Intel chipsets).


Hope that helps,


New Contributor

I also encountered the same log, may I ask how to solve it later?

Extreme Employee

Hello Arun,


If you suspect a DHCP issue, have the wireless client attempt to pull an IP address again and run the following commands to verify that the DORA process is completing:

#service pktcap on interface ge1 count 100 filter port 67

#service pktcap on interface ge1 count 100 filter port 68


Port 68 is traffic coming into DHCP server from client

Port 67 is traffic going out from DHCP server to client

Christoph S.

New Contributor II

Actually some clients are not taking IP address from DHCP server(Windows). How can I check that this is the issue of DHCP server or something else?