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Roaming 7161 & 7562

Roaming 7161 & 7562

New Contributor II
Hi you

I'm using 10 Ap 7161 (set 1 AP to VC) and adding 01 AP7562 (alone not VC).
I see that roaming between these 7161 and 7562 is not good.
How to resolve this problem?

Thank you

Please start by making sure all the basic parameters have been properly set per this article and test.

Wireless clients experiencing latency, intermittent disconnects and dropped packets on a WiNG wirele...

Thank you,

Christoph S.

Hi you
1. No
2. Yes, only happen when roaming between Ap7161 and Ap7562
3. Client still connect Ap7161 with bad signal until Ap7562 nearly and good signal
4. Yes same broadcast domain
5. Yes, only 1 VLAN and same layer switch
6. Yes same FW Wing 5.8
7. I don't use firewall
8. Yes i setup mesh but all Ap is root.
9. I enable Smart RF
10. Radio chanel i set auto and default
11. I use external antena 15dbi sector and omi
12. Yes i used 3x3 antena 3 antena 5ghz for mesh and 3 antena 2.4 for client.

New Contributor II
Buy a VX9000 or Controller and mange all by one WiNG device (one RF-Domain Manager). That's the only option.

Without one RFDM you can't use OKC or Fast Roaming.

New Contributor II

Can be configured to fix this problem? If I buy more VX9000 is really expensive 😞