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Roaming 7161 & 7562

Roaming 7161 & 7562

New Contributor II
Hi you

I'm using 10 Ap 7161 (set 1 AP to VC) and adding 01 AP7562 (alone not VC).
I see that roaming between these 7161 and 7562 is not good.
How to resolve this problem?

Thank you

New Contributor III
I had a similar problem with AP6521-AP7522 a few months ago. Below is the extract from Extreme Employee that resolved the problem for me:


If you are installing the new APs (AP7522) behind a routed switch, then for seamless roaming to be achieved, a controller (RFS4000, NX5500, VX9xxx) is needed........; however, if these new APs are going to be in the same broadcast domain as the AP6521s, then seamless roaming (required for telnet) is possible without the need of a fully fledged controller. It is important to note that 2 virtual controllers in the same broadcast domain is not recommended and not supported. Here are some recommendations:

1 - All APs should be on the same firmware version
2 - All APs should be in the same broadcast domain
3 - Leave the AP6521 configure as VC, but add the AP7522 as Standalone APs not adopted by a VC (for now).
4 - Disable MCLP VLAN on the AP7522s

In the upcoming firmware release, heterogeneous VC support should be included. The AP7522 should be able to adopt different models not in the same family. It's not clear if the AP6521 will be included in the list, but we'll know more once the firmware is released.

In short, seamless roaming can be achieved in the following cases:
APs not in same broadcast domain >> full controller
APs in the same broadcast domain >> VC for AP6521 and no VC for AP7522


Hope this helps your problem

Extreme Employee
Hello Tuan,

Please elaborate on what you mean by "roaming is not good"

  1. Are wireless clients not able to roam at all?
  2. Is this only happening when roaming between AP7161 and AP7562 or all over?
  3. What happens when they roam?
  4. Are the new APs in the same broadcast domain?
  5. Are they connected to to a routed (layer 3) or layer 2 switch?
  6. Are all APs on the same firmware version?
  7. Have you implemented the best practices firewall policy?
  8. Do you have meshing set up?
  9. Have you increased the min and max radio power in smart-rf policy?
  10. Have you made sure that radio channels are properly configured?
  11. Are these internal or external antenna models?
  12. Are you using all antenna connectors (if using ext ant model)?
As you can see we can go on and on with possible reasons for what you are experiencing, but above is where you should start.


Christoph S.

New Contributor II
What a bad article. I think it would better, if you remind your customer to do a WiFi scanning as editing SmartRF. This sounds like SmartRF produce the problem...

If you install a VX to manage your RF site, 802.11k/r/v supported. But you need to make sure you clients support it as well. But if you can roam without problems between AP7131, pretty sure this will work with VX9000 and AP7131/AP7562 the same way.

Thank you

I followed the instructions, hope it works well. Do I need to buy more VX9000 or hardware VC?