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Roaming across AP6521 and AP7522

Roaming across AP6521 and AP7522

New Contributor III
Due to the end of sale of AP6521 I am now encountering the situation where customers require additional access points. The scenario is AP6521 with Virtual Controller installed in a warehouse and now needs some additional access points. If I propose AP7522 with Virtual Controller will there be roaming problems when devices roam across the two models? devices will be running Wavelink TelnetCE. Any thoughts appreciated, Regards Steve


Valued Contributor II
Hello Steve,

If you are installing the new APs (AP7522) behind a routed switch, then for seamless roaming to be achieved, a controller (RFS4000, NX5500, VX9xxx) is needed as mentioned above; however, if these new APs are going to be in the same broadcast domain as the AP6521s, then seamless roaming (required for telnet) is possible without the need of a fully fledged controller. It is important to note that 2 virtual controllers in the same broadcast domain is not recommended and not supported. Here are some recommendations:

1 - All APs should be on the same firmware version
2 - All APs should be in the same broadcast domain
3 - Leave the AP6521 configure as VC, but add the AP7522 as Standalone APs not adopted by a VC (for now).
4 - Disable MCLP VLAN on the AP7522s

In the upcoming firmware release, heterogeneous VC support should be included. The AP7522 should be able to adopt different models not in the same family. It's not clear if the AP6521 will be included in the list, but we'll know more once the firmware is released.

In short, seamless roaming can be achieved in the following cases:
APs not in same broadcast domain >> full controller
APs in the same broadcast domain >> VC for AP6521 and no VC for AP7522


Christoph S.

Many thanks for that advice Chris. ALL APs will be in the same broadcast domain. I'm not too sure but hopefully the host will also be in the same domain -

I had a site with APs in autonomous mode many years ago and ran a trace on a hand held to capture network packets and on roaming if my memory is correct the hand held would request DHCP then request 'who has default gateway' and then when it tried to reach the host (in a different country) it had a few timeouts. This caused the Telnet 5250 client to X-Wait. All APs in that scenario were on the same IP network but the host was reached via the site gateway. Once the APs were adopted to a centralised controller the problem was resolved.

New Contributor II
Hi Steve
How Many Access Points 6521 Do You Use?

And how many Aps7522 will you add?

The Wavelink Telnet emulator is very sensitive to roaming and can suffer a disconnection so I understand your concern.

What HanHeld uses Zebra MC9000 or Intermec??

I recommend using a Telnet session manager that will help you not to suffer disconnections in Telnet clients.

New Contributor II
By the amount of Acces Point the best option would be an RFS4000