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WING Guest portal using Aruba Clearpass web pages

WING Guest portal using Aruba Clearpass web pages

New Contributor

We have an Aruba Guest portal working fine in one area of a complex using Aruba Central controlled APs and a ClearPass server running the Guest portal. All is good.

We have another distant area of the complex using a NX5500 and several AP7632 APs. We have a guest portal working fine on that network. The NX5500 uses a web login for guest registration and all that works fine.

The NX5500 already uses the ClearPass server for authenticating clients on a different Wlan, and that also works fine.

I'm trying to implement a new Guest Wlan on the NX5500 that uses the same Guest web pages as the Aruba APs. I think I'm about 95% of the way there. A client on the NX5500 network gets the initial Terms and Condition login page, as expected, but no further.

I'm following a guide that I found,  (ExtremeWireless_WiNG_Implementation_Guide_Aruba_Clearpass.pdf). I'm stuck on one particular item.

In the ClearPass section, it states that the IP Address field should be equal to the virtual FQDN configured under WiNG Captive Portal Policy:


In the WiNG Captive Poral Policy, it should be the same FQDN


I finally found another reference somewhere that stated the Captive Portal Server Host FQDN should not be resolvable.

So what's that all that about - do I just enter a bogus (virtual) FQDN that matches both in the ClearPass and the WiNG Policy?

Unfortunately the is resolvable, so has using that been the cause of my problem?

I'm due back at the site in a few days to perform some more testing.


New Contributor

... so has anyone got a WiNG Guest Portal working, authenticating with "Terms and Conditions" against Aruba Clearpass?

I've made no further progress, so any guidance would be great.

As stated above, the client does get presented with the Aruba Terms and Conditions but once ticked, the request never reaches the Clearpass server.