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Resolved! Wing Ap flood in vlan1 (controller vlan)

hello)I have 200 ap310i access points and a stack of 2x vx9000. Initially, the access points and the controller were located in different vlans , and fortigate was responsible for routes between them. and all this is connected using x440g2 switches. ...

MrSurok by New Contributor
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Resolved! VX stops working by it self

Hello there,We are having problems with VX. We tried to restart the service, to change cluster priority between both VX. Even the client checked his VMWare if there was an issue on it, but it shows an error which says: "CPU turned off by Guest Operat...

HJRM by New Contributor
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AP7632 model-incompatible country-code

Hello,Looking at the logs, I receive the following error and as a result, the Radio's stay off.IMG versions are identical on the RFS as is on the AP, this has not fixed the issueRFS4000 version version Any ideas on how...

nsoz by New Contributor
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Resolved! Wi-Fi Calling

Hello,Do I need to allow or change any settings in the  wireless infrastructure to allow wifi calling? I have that enabled on my android phone(as well as other users) but when i disable cellular data or put in airplane mode i'm not able to make calls...

froggy by New Contributor III
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Factory Reset AP7522 cli to ssh device

Hi,I've have a ap7522 who i want to reset to default config, factory.Now it's has a config to the wing controller but want to use it stand alone.what are the commands to change it?erase startupconfig and reload the device is not accesable anymore.Thx...