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WLAN (SSID) priority feature, is possible? Tips for high density? Poor performance in High Density environments

WLAN (SSID) priority feature, is possible? Tips for high density? Poor performance in High Density environments

Is there any way I can prioritize a WLAN-SSID traffic in WiNG? I do not want to prioritize voice or multimedia. We have mission-critical and Guest-type WLAN services and my Access Points need access to low-lag (non-voice app) sales applications in another BSSID.

We upgraded the AP650 to the AP7532 in one of our stores, but we're having performance issues, especially with certain models of Android devices (dumb cellphones) - some do not roam, others connect / disconnect from the environment, and to finish some are connected but do not communicate (especially with horrible WiFi implementations on Samsung devices).

Already in another store we are not having problem. The solution works well. We are still running the "old architecture", with RFS controller. Let's migrate to the VX9000 next week. Will we gain performance in terms of a high density environment?

If you can share the best practices for dense environments, it will help me a lot.

Some practices I used:
-Use of fixed channels 1,6,11 in 2.4 Ghz without overlapping. I checked channels with Chanalyzer to check for noise - (Fixed channels in my case work well in places that have few access points and need to be working over long distances w/ dumb cellphones)
-5 Ghz with Dynamic Channels and DFS in Operation
-Low transmission power level 9/11 or 11/13 (2.4) and 13/16 (5 Ghz)
-Airtime fairness enabled
-36 Mbps or 24 Mbps as minimum datarate.
-Disabling 802.11b
-In some Guest networks I activated Roaming Assist.

Is something missing? Beacon time actually set to default rates, do I need to increase to something around 200 ms? I have 4 SSIDs per AP.

Thanks in advance!

New Contributor II

for guest environments you can try to enable Roaming Assist, but it always based on your clients.

Never change the beacon interval. All other settings sounds good.


Hello people,

Apparently, the problem is the bottleneck of the tunnel, with traffic centralized in the controller. Some controllers generate random errors, others have high CPU consumption, errors in access points, random disconnections, users with application performance problems.

The solution is called VX9000 and traffic in local mode with trunks. Centralized management. OK! Here we go!

Next week, the WiNG 5 will be in the state of the art, configured by a former employee of Motorola Solutions. I'll count the results here. Let's see if it's marketing or whether it's real! Remembering that Extreme Networks products have high visibility in stores that have WiNG running.

There are more than 1.5 million authentications on your device every month.

I count on your support. Let's keep calling GTAC in case of any difficulty or some random error.

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What firmware version are you running? Is local or tunnel traffic on the WLAN configuration? Tunnel