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I need help to configure VLANs in WING 5.9.

I need help to configure VLANs in WING 5.9.The scenario is as follows.I have 3 VLANs, which must be associated with 3 different SSIDs respectively.VLANs are tagged on the HP 1920s SWITCH.I would like to know how I should configure the WING so that, w...

Download Extreme MIBS?

I'm looking for mibs for all Extreme products (EOS, EXOS, Wing, IdentiFi, ...). I found the following link: http://www.extremenetworks.com/support/policies/mibs/ The are MIBS for EOS. The link for EXOS points to old esupport. Where can I find MIB...

Resolved! RF Planner Problem (Floor Plan)

Hi Experts,I know the RF Planner very well.Since last week, in new projects, the saved floor plans are no longer displayed.I can load plansThe plan is displayed.After I changed the window, this plan is no longer displayed. Error Message: Failed to do...