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AP230 vs AP250 - not all devices can't connect to AP230

AP230 vs AP250 - not all devices can't connect to AP230

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Those two APs: 230 & 250 have the same OS version 10.3r.3 and the same network policy.
As new Macbooks are coming in, I see that under AP230 those new devices have a problem connecting. If I replace AP230 with 250 /the same firmware & policy/ that problem goes away.
The CRC rates are good as well as ACSP.
I have VM Extreme Cloud IQ build version:

Do you know what else can be done to get those AP230s work with new devices ?


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Hi there, thanks for those details. Could you try running a client monitor for one of the Macbooks while it tries to connect to the AP230? That should give us more details on where the connection is failing. Also can you check the template/Radio Profile for the AP 230 to make sure we're offering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz for devices, just in case the Macbooks need one or the other to connect.

I looked at the resources of 3 different models and they are very consistent, perhaps there is some memory issue with the AP230 ? But why only a problem with very new MAC books ? 
AP410c - CPU = 6% Mem = 40%
AP250 - CPU = 20% Mem = 35%
AP230 - CPU = 25% Mem = 65%

Hi Sam,
When I had that AP230 in the classroom,  I monitored a device and nothing was in the log.
I swapped that room with the AP250 and now all devices are connecting including those which had a problem. As of this time the AP230 is in my office and I will try to replicate that problem. 
More observations:
When the AP230 was in the classroom it had both radios on /2.4 & 5Ghz/ - when swapped with the AP250 I disabled 2.4Ghz
AP230 was reporting CRC rate around 50% - swapped with AP250 is reporting 1% the same room / location - a screenshot below.
A trouble / new/ device can connect in other classroom to the same model AP230 which has the same policy, template and radio profile
If this problem would be only in one room, we could live with it, but there is more the same locations with the same issue.