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Important Information regarding the ExtremeCloudIQ XAPICompanies typically never change API endpoints, however, Extreme Networks has to change some XAPI endpoints to avoid present and future issues with the data. The XAPI specification itself is not changing, but we have data migration in upcoming ExtremeCloudIQ version 23R6 (October) to update the existing location data to be compatible with the new structure. Specifically, we are adding 2 new location types called “site” and “site group”. 

Prior to 23r6, the "generic folder" type used to be the immediate parent of the "building" type and “buildings” could only be assigned to a “generic folder”. 

With the new change, the new type “site” becomes the new immediate parent of a building. "site" can be associated with either the root node (org address) or a new type called "site group". All of the existing "buildings" immediate parent will be changed from "generic folder" to "site" type. The "site group" will have at most 2 layers, meaning the "site group" can at most have another site group as its child layer.

This change will take place on all of the 19 various Extreme cloud root node locations over a period from October 10th 2023 through October 27th, 2023

Release notes for this and all other XAPI changes may be found here:

Examples of the changes are shown below (including changes to the documentation found here.)

Current XAPI Location Endpoints


New Changes to Location End Points