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How to add licenses to the list on "My licenses"?

Hi! I have few proucts of Extreme Networks like: - NAC (with 2 gateways) - SIEM (DISMB7-SE) - Wireless Controller (V2110) with 32 APs - 2x S4 switches - 12x C5 switches - 3x B5 switches Which of those products can be add to "My licenses" list and...

3,000 Members on The Hub!

Congrats to the Hub Community. We're now 3,000 members strong and growing. That's one heck of a purple broadcast domain and it's wonderful to see so many members take advantage of on a daily basis. Thank you for your trust in Extreme. It take...

EMC Connect + vSphere Module

Hi community, i wondering if it is possible to also obtain ip-addresses and host names of the virtual machines as additional informations into EMC. MAC-addresses work fine so far, but it would be great if we can see couple of more informations abou...

Concurent use of DC and AC PSUs.

Hello Guys, I have a general question regarding replaceable internal power supplies used in those Summit series, where both version of PSU are allowed (like X460/X460-G2, X480, X670/X670-G2 - and probably X620). Can I use both: DC PSU and AC PSU at ...

Need to find Extreme Price

Hi everyone, I am a partner of Extreme Networks. We was able to see the price of switches and all other producst, but, I can not find now. Does it removed ? If not, where can I find on the portal ? Thanks, Best Regards