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Summit rack mount brackets

Summit rack mount brackets

New Contributor
I'm thinking of buying used x450 switches for my home lab. Some of the used gear don't come with rack mount ears. I haven't been able to find spare parts anywhere. Are they standard brackets? Perhaps I could get for example HP ProCurve brackets instead? Would the screw holes line up?

New Contributor
Likewise – let me know if there's anywhere a replacement rack mount kit for a X460 can be purchased.

Valued Contributor III
As is suggested above, you may want to contact GTAC. Since the X460 is still supported, they should be able to help out if you just need one or two.
I'm not aware of any process for purchasing a significant quantity.

New Contributor
Hi. I have exactly the same problem too - bought second hand equipment but am missing the brackets (unfortunately the appearance of the equipment is extremely low  --- but the unit seems to be working)... Can anybody please help? Online retailer would be ideal - I have tried on the site, but navigation is a bit vague to me.

Thank you for the help!

Awesome stuff  Thank you so much for the help 