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X440-G2-48P-10GE4 Rear Shared Ports Issue

X440-G2-48P-10GE4 Rear Shared Ports Issue

New Contributor III
Hi All,

We have a strange issue where on x440-g2 model switch above, where we use the rear ports for uplink to switches, non stacked.

Specifically ports 51 and 52. We've noticed during power issues/power testing, sometimes these ports can go down and stop working until a switch reboot occurs.

This has been observed with code versions 22.7 > 30.7

a reboot fixes the issues or changing uplink between the affected switches to a different port for example, SW1 (51) - SW2 (52), change to SW1(51) - SW2 (51) etc.

the switches are not using a license to convert to 10gb, they're running in 1gb mode.

We've started to upgrade the 440s to the recommended release but I haven't been able to find anything in release notes around bugs that match the description.

Anyone else seen this issue please?