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Extreme Management Center Basic Configuration

Extreme Management Center Basic Configuration

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I was wondering where I can find the documentations for the basic configuration of the Extreme Management Center (XMC) topics such how to create policies, best practices of using certain policies and foundational knowledge in XMC.

I would also like to meet the PLM for XMC to know more about advance concepts that he/she may be able to share with our team.

Looking forward to learn new things and opportunities about this technology!


Extreme Employee


Nowadays XMC is now known as Extreme CloudIQ Site Engine. You can explore documentation accessible online:

You can use our Authorized Training Partners (ATP) to obtain a knowledge (, or use an online courses (requires registration). 

If you are an integrator you can become partner and gain access to relevant documents, roadmaps, online courses etc. If you're customer please contact Extreme's representative in your country (


Hi Adam,

We are an integrator and a partner already. I have been navigating the community portal for similar cases and solutions but cannot find any basic configuration documentations relating to XMC. Additionally, I am referring to the on-premise virtual XMC which we currently have on our demo laboratory.

Dear gklyde17, 

Before you go deeper into the topic step1: XMC = Extreme Management Center -> Extreme Cloud IQ Netsight, does not have something to do with Policies. XMC is natively the Management Plattform of the Micro-Segments. 

Extreme Network Access Control is one Micro-Segment of XMC and is used for Policies and the Rules set. That's why you don't find something about Policies and Rules under the topic XMC. 

For Training and certification, there are a lot of ATP's which will deliver complete Programs and focused knowledge about it. What you are searching for is Extreme Control or Extreme Cloud IQ Control 😉


kind regards, 


Here is the training:

There are free videos...

Regards Zdeněk Pala