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How to log static routes

How to log static routes

New Contributor

Hi all,

We have some L3 switches in our network with loads of static routes, we are also using OSPF for routing but he number of static routes are really high and I am hopping to get rid of many of them,

My question, is there any way to log the static routes in our routing tables? so I would know which static route has been hit or not, for safely removal of the static routes,

I am a Cisco engineer and trying to get my head around ExtremOS, any help would be appreciated




New Contributor III

There would be the possibility to realize that via SNMP. If you have a monitoring system, you can probably add it there.

You would have to get the OID that shows you the information you like. You can find the OIDs in the MIB for your EXOS version.
You can then query this OID via SNMP. Example:
check_snmp -H -C SuPeRsEcReT -P 2c -o iso.
Then either build a small script which runs on a server or you can add it to your monitoring system. Example for Check MK:

Maybe it is much easier to do it from the logs, but the solution came to my mind immediately. If you still need help with SNMP, OID or MIB you are welcome to ask.