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Random disconnects

Random disconnects

New Contributor

We currently have 3 AP250s and 3 Atom AP30s servicing our student Chromebooks.  These are authenticated by password, one individual password per device.  Lately, and very randomly, a student's chromebook will disconnect.  It doesn't seem to happen during handoffs from one AP to the next, as it will happen when the chromebook is already connected and not moving from room to room.  It also is not limited to a particular area of the building or device.  It also is not limited to a particular chromebook.  All that to say, a chromebook will drop its internet connections and then when we check why it's not connected we find "bad password."  Sometimes, a reboot will work, but not always.  And sometimes, if I retype in the password it will reconnect.  Sometimes, we just have to wait it out and try a few hours later.  Eventually, the old password will work and the chromebook will reconnect.  When I check on the CloudIQ Pilot dashboard, it doesn't show the device as disconnected in the list of devices so I can't check the error there.  Also, students have told me that this does not happen at home on their personal wifi devices, so I'm narrowing it down to something with the way the APs are handing out and/or confirming passwords?  But not sure why it would happen after a successful login. . .

Where can I start to figure out this puzzle?  Thank you for any help you can give!


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Chiming in as I've had similar issues intermittently that I've yet to get to the bottom of. I'd also be curious to know how your chromebooks are managed, If there are specific network policies for them, and how users are logging in (google or microsoft accounts). With chromebooks, there can be so many variables, and often they've been powerwashed before I get a chance to troubleshoot, it's like a needle in a haystack to get any real info on what is happen for things like this.

All that said, I'd love to find a better way to pin down issues like this, or see if there are good ways to approach it from a Wi-Fi/Access Point standpoint.

Our Chromebooks are managed with Google Admin.  I use policies through Google Admin, and users login with their Google accounts.  

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Community Manager

Hi there, can you tell me which platform you're using to run your APs? That will help me find the right team to show your question to so we can help find an answer. 

I use ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot