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Switch as TFTP/SCP remote firmware repository

Switch as TFTP/SCP remote firmware repository

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Solutions based on WiNG and HiveOS have the ability to perform peer-to-peer updates in a native way when they are managed from the Centralized NOC environment or from the Cloud. This is really useful when managing distributed environments with little bandwidth. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as switches, be they EXOS or EOS. Being that due to the size of the firmware file you would benefit a lot with an approach similar to those of the APs.

It would be nice to have the possibility to temporarily transform a switch as a tftp / scp server to avoid transferring a file of almost 100mb multiple times. It could be an XMOD module or a Python script. I understand that the characteristics of the equipment are different and that there may be certain limitations related to the internal storage space, but most of the G2 switches have USB, which could be interesting as a repository.

TFTP is still widely used and continues to be the last resource for updates in case of SCP problems, but it is extremely slow in case of remote traffic (WAN).

My best practice is to keep the same firmware version in each location and this would help a lot, even having to do the updates manually instead of doing them by XMC.


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Insight Architecture already allows you to do that. Just spin up Guest VM and use it as TFTP/SFTP server locally.

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