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Index for all Extreme Documents

I'm missing the index in a lot of extreme documents.e.g. user guide of voss ...and many more.should not a problem to create something like that.Could this created as a CR?

PeterK by Contributor III
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XIQ SE sch2 Support

Hi folksIs there sha2 (for SSH based actions) support on the roadmap for XIQ SE. We have a lot of devices where we cant run workflows and so on anymore.brTom

XMC - Run scheduled task more than once a hour

Hello,you can create a scheduled task to run only once per hour. If you have a scheduled task in XMC for example, which should run every 10 minutes. You have to use the following workaround:Create (in case of I would run a "Saved task" ever ten minut...

StephanH by Valued Contributor III
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XMC/NAC: Ping enddevice from End-System-Table

After adding ping of a known device via right mouse button menue in Network device-list (v8.5, Ping Device Feature) it would be very useful to have this feature for pinging enddevices out of the NAC Enddevice-Table via right mous button menue. brVolk...