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Best setup for QOS with Skype for Business Online

Best setup for QOS with Skype for Business Online

New Contributor II
Been doing research on setting up QOS for Skype for Business on Extreme XOS switches in a enterprise network. Trying to find the best route for this since it is sharing the same vlan as the data network (obviously). Any help, suggestions, or commands to set that up would be great. If it works in extreme networks.

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Community Manager

Hi Mr. Robinson1, this is a good explanation of how QoS works within a network: 

Is that what you were looking for? 

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Hi, I understand this thread is already 3 years old but maybe you know how is QoS implemented in a network? I can’t find any info about it. 

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Thanks everyone for the input. I saw the thing from microsoft that was limited information. I have setup QOS for Voice VLANs just not QOS for Skype for Business that is on the same network as the data. I think i might be over thinking this. We have a sonicwall and i am setting up QOS by App control. So When it comes from either the WAN or LAN it gets detected by the application. From there on setting up QOS on the switches, Create the QOS profiles then tag the Data VLans and the Wireless VLANs for QOS but i would need to specify for the the audio and video for QOS?

Extreme Employee
Thanks EtherMAN for the additional input and clarification. Referenced MS guide does hint to it by mentioning that QoS should be deployed on managed LANs/WiFi networks as well as managed WAN. But Internet traffic is Best Effort. But could change in future if Net Neutrality rules change 