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Can a switch generate PFC Pause?

Can a switch generate PFC Pause?

New Contributor
I want my EXOS 670 switch to generate pause frames when it receives certain traffic or when its buffer is full. currently when i send the traffic from both ends it passes by without dropping. All packets sent are received. How to make one end stop sending one the other end is sending packets? in other words how to enable PFC on switch .

New Contributor
there is no command for counters
X670V-48x.1 # show port 1
Execute the command
anomaly anomaly statistics
buffer Show packet buffering information
collisions Displays collision statistics
configuration Display the port configuration
congestion Display congestion statistics
debounce Display amount of time to delay link down detection
description Displays description associated with the port
information Displays port information
ip-fix Displays IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) statistics
no-refresh Page by page display without auto-refresh
packet histogram of packet statistics
qosmonitor QOS
rate-limit Displays rate-limit discard statistics
rxerrors receive error statistics
sharing Load sharing
statistics Port statistics
transceiver DDMI info
txerrors Displays transmit error statistics
utilization Port utilization information
vlan VLAN Statistics
wred Display WRED statistics

Hi Danial, I don't see an option to configure a time value for PFC.

To have the PFC being generated by the switch, the frames with priority 3 (in your case) should be congested.

Could you please check if one of the following commands shows any increment and share the results:

show port congestion
show port qosmonitor
show port qosmonitor congestion

Can I give a timer value for PFC inside the switch?

yes, but how to check the buffers in this code?