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Enterasys commands to Extreme equivalent commands

Enterasys commands to Extreme equivalent commands

New Contributor II

So we are now starting to put in more and more Extreme switches into clients buildings. But I have use Enterasys before that. My self I am still not getting use to all the different commands and hopping there is a equivalent command to some of my needs to troubleshoot for clients.

Looking for these same commands below from Enterasys, but to have the equivalent command for Extreme Switches.

The Sow commands:

show port alias
show ports status
show vlan portinfo
show mac port ge.x.x
show port inlinepower

Some of the set commands:

set port alias
set vlan egress XXX ge.x.x tagged
set port inlinepower ge.x.x admin off [auto]

Some commands to clear:
clear port vlan ge.x.x
clear vlan egress XXX ge.x.x

I appreciate the help.


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Hi Ian,

I have added the commands you asked for, but that were missing from E2X, to the interactive mode of E2X in version 1.0.2. The interactive mode ( --interactive) is kind of an interactive dictionary between EOS and EXOS.

Best regards,

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Hi Ian,

equivalent commands are as follows:
    show ports description show ports no-refresh show ports information detail | include "(^Port|(Internal|802.1Q) Tag)" show fdb port NUMBER show inline-power info ports PORTLIST configure ports NUMBER description-string configure vlan NAME/TAG add ports PORTLIST tagged disable inline-power ports PORTLIST configure vlan NAME/TAG delete ports PORTLIST
  1. [same as above]
You can usually use a list of ports or a single port, similar to EOS port strings.

For "show vlan portinfo" see as well. Related HUB thread:

You can use E2X for help in transitioning from EOS to EXOS. See the GTAC Knowledge article "How to Convert EOS Configurations to EXOS using"


Thank you Nick and Erik,

This will help me out a lot, as I am still trying to get used to using extreme switches.

Very useful information.


Valued Contributor III
Thanks for answering this one, Erik. Happy to see the extra references to Github and GTAC Knowledge.