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no access via console switch 08g20g4

no access via console switch 08g20g4

New Contributor
I've got a problem with the access to switches 08g20g4-24p.
I set parameter correctly but I can't enter on the switch.
By web browser there are no problems, but icon of console is always light off.
My cable is ok, because it work with other devices.

HElp me please!!!

Extreme Employee
Hi Claudio, as already said by Ronald, the Pinout Assignments might be different among platforms.

For 800-Series you have the following:

An optional console cable (08A-CON-CBL) is required if you want to locally manage the switch via the front panel RJ45 console port. The cable is terminated by an RJ45 connector at one end and by a DB9 female connector at the other end. Using an RJ45-to-DB9 female cable, you can connect products equipped with a RJ45 console port to an IBM or compatible PC running a VT series emulation software package.



You can get this information in 800-Series Hardware Installation Guide.

thanks a lot.
I use a Cisco Cable, but I don't know pinput assignments.

Again thanks a lot.

New Contributor
but on the manual is not requeste special cable....
I had used for mony device huawei and cisco...and it works very well.

I don't understand...