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Fabric Extend

Fabric Extend

New Contributor
Hi All

Just would like to know what the best practice will be for fabric extend?

My customer have a data center amd multiple remote sites connecting via layer 2 point to point links. The connection from the ISP to data center will be a single link

The data center consists of a cluster of VSP8404's. The idea is to have VSP4k's with ONA at the remote sites.

So my understanding is to configure logical interfaces on the VSP8K cluster connecting to all remote sites, but will this work over a layer 2 network and not a L3 MPLS



New Contributor
Hi Tomas

Do you maybe have a config example, I am trying the layer 2 setup with no luck

Valued Contributor II
Hi Dawie,

For L2 connection between sites you just need IS-IS logical interface with BVIDs being translated to other VIDs on ISP side, for every single ptp link in your hub-spoke topology.
If you have L3 connectivity via your ISP, then you need VXLAN, then every VSP 4K would have to have ONA.

Have a look here as well:

Hope that helps,