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Help with an MPLS/OSPF architecture

Help with an MPLS/OSPF architecture

New Contributor II
Hi dears,

I would like a help with the architecture displayed below. Please feel free to make any comment.

Network descriptions and requirements

- It's a metro network that have the goal to connect several locations;
- It's works like a big intranet, then there's no need the traffic isolation (VPN L3);
- Today, the network runs OSPF and have about 91 areas and 200 routers;
- The picture below shows a network summary. Each router has at least to another two routers connected;
- The customer router has two connections too;
- The backbone routers are connected to POP routers, but there are customer routers directly connected too;
- The POP routers connected to backbone routers are
part of Area 0. They are connected in another POPs and to customers too.


Reasons to implement MPLS

- Traffic Engineer
- VPWS and VPLS;
- QoS and better resource utilization;
- Picture below shows the scenario wanted:



- There're no plan to use VPN to isolate some customer traffic because one network requirement is connect all customer via L3 . Is it worth implementing BGP?

- I think that implement iBGP will increase the network complexity.

Thanks in advance for all!

Ok, Erik!!

Thank you again!

Please keep in mind that you usually need an IGP underneath iBGP. Thus you do not switch from an IGP to BGP, to combine both. The IGP still needs to scale to the network size.

Currently we use Brocade, enterasys and Datacom routers in the environment, but we will acquire new equipaments to implement the project.

One point is that the design should support more than 1000 CE. OSPF supports?

I think that we will need tune the OSPF topology to support all it.