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How to enable Wake-on-LAN with NetLogin

How to enable Wake-on-LAN with NetLogin



we have a request to make WoL possible in our network.
I already found that aritcle:
but I have a few issues:

  • The first method doesn't work here. I can see, that "show udp-profile" forwards traffic to my dummy-vlan, but the device doesn't wake up. If I send out the WoL packet, when the computer is on, my wireshark can see the incoming WoL packet. I did all the commands, which are described for that method
  • The second method is not applicable, because we don't want to edit scripts on the switch, when changing a netlogin-port - that is simply too much
  • The third method is not applicable, because most of our switches doesn't support OnePolicy

I'm sure that I am not the only one who experience these issues - has anyone a working solution for that scenario?

Best Regards


New Contributor
This solution seems to work for EXOS with Netlogin (802.1x and/or mac).
But the command "netlogin ports [port_list | all] allow egress-traffic [none | unicast | broadcast | all_cast]"
is no more available, if OnePolicy (Enterasys Policy) are used.

As described in command reference: "Enabling ONEPolicy removes the action of this command. This command is supported only in non-policy mode"

I'm not able to find a solution for following scenario:
- X440-G2 L2-Access Switch (no option for making them routing)
- Extreme NAC with Policy
- EXOS 22.3
- One Policy enabled


Extreme Employee

Not sure which KB article you have referred. Anyway here is what i can find the procedure from one of the article mentioned earlier. If not then please refer this for your future reference:

Anyway good to hear that after enabling the egress broadcast this started to work as expected.


Ok, problem solved.
You need to enable egress broadcasts to the Netlogin-VLAN.
After that is done, it works like stated in the KB-article

Valued Contributor II
You should consider IP directed broadcast or enable broadcast flooding into the netlogin VLAN.