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Interconnecting 2 switches using Fibre connection summit x450a-48t

Interconnecting 2 switches using Fibre connection summit x450a-48t

New Contributor
Hi, I do have 2 switches x450a-48t i want to interconnect them using a fiber patch, multi mode sfp connectors and LC -SC fiber patch codes..
Will generic 1GB sfp connectors work?.
Do i need any extra modules/cards to have fiber connection?
I am using EXOS version 12 and i can't see debug hal show optic-info port # command this worries me..
Please advise . Thank you so much


New Contributor
Hey Joe

Extreme Networks pluggable transceivers deliver speed and media flexibility for Extreme Networks product platforms that support pluggable transceiver technology. All Extreme Networks transceivers are of the highest quality and conform to industry standards and manufacturer multi-source agreements for interoperability. Extreme Networks fully tests our transceivers with all product platforms to ensure compatibility and compliance.

So could you please mention which vendor SFP you use.

and i think it will work your scenerio is simple and without any hesitation it will ping 🙂

Well, we use 'foxgate' 1G SFP and 10G SFP+ transceivers and everything works just fine!

Extreme Employee
Hey Joe

If you are using MultiMode fiber then you can use an SX SFP optic. Extreme does not license our optics which means that you can use any optic in an Extreme switch. One thing to note is that if you use a third party optic it will not be supported. This means that if it comes up and works great but if you have issues you will not be able to open a case with GTAC on it. If you want to have support then use an Extreme optic like the 10051H.

In regards to the debug command what are you wanting to see? If you do a show port info detail you should see if the link is up and if there are any port transitions.

Hope that helps

New Contributor
Its 70Mtrs, am not so sure about the difference which sfps will work ? Thanks