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MLAG Peer Distance

MLAG Peer Distance

New Contributor III
We are wanting to MLAG our schools to our WAN switches that are throughout our district.

Our WAN switches are x670G2-48x-4q running
They all connect to each other at 10Gb on our own dark fiber network.
Our schools (currently) connect to one of the WAN switches also at 10Gb with our dark fiber.
We want to have redundant connections so we are wanting to MLAG.

As a test we have already setup our peers and the ISC connection (again 10Gb like above), however we haven't configured sharing on our building routers.

I wouldn't think that there would be a problem with distance and or latency. I just want to verify before we make the plunge into making any further purchases.


New Contributor III
Thanks EtherMAN!

Contributor III
I can confirm ... we have ISC channels and Mlag running between routers and switches that are under 80 KM but longer than 40 KM using ZR optics... works just like there were racked in same rack...

Extreme Employee

I'm not sure to clearly visualize what you want to achieve, as the main benefit for MLAG is to have dual-attached L2 devices. And across a WAN... not sure to understand.

Anyway, I've asked around and if this is a direct link between the MLAG peers, distance shouldn't matter. I'm assuming failure of that WAN link would be just a regular link failure and detectable by the MLAG peers. I don't expect QA to have done long distance testing, but in theory, not an issue.