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Policy Control Console for wireless clients?

Policy Control Console for wireless clients?

Valued Contributor
We have a fleet of Apple TVs in classrooms, and would like to let teachers allow individual students access to them to project from their iPads. PCC seems like the thing to use, but I had a look and it's only for switch ports. Ideally I'd like a webpage where a teacher can select a student and apply a policy allowing them access to the Apple TV. We also have a guest network and Apple TVs in meeting rooms this would be useful for.

Extreme Employee
James, Did you get the answers you were looking for? Also if it's something you would like to share with the community please post it in your reply. Have a great day. Doug Hyde Sr Support Engineer Enterasys Networks
Doug Hyde
Director, Technical Support / Extreme Networks

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Hi James Enterasys has another solution that addresses this scenario head-on. I you care to provide me with you e-mail address, I can forward you the technical document. Regards, Francois

Thanks for the update James. We will keep this question open in hopes that perhaps another customer has faced this challenge. I look forward to your update and hope you have a nice holiday! 

Hi again, I've been on holiday for two weeks, hence no update. I'd seen an earlier version of the document Francois sent, and while it does include how to manage Bonjour at a policy level, it doesn't have anything about dynamically changing the policy of an individual client. So no solution yet - I might have time to look at writing something over the new year break.