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Recommendations for L2 Edge Devices

Recommendations for L2 Edge Devices

Contributor II

Sorry to bump this. But we need to decide what to use for L2 edge devices. there are 40 to 100 devices we need to buy or replace next year. So there will be no x430-G2. So what about future of X430? Should we invest on it or consider new 200 series? We need solid line-rate L2 switching with security features like dhcpsnooping arp inspection and something like ipv6 ra guard/ first hop security like in cisco switches.


Rahman Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: ExtremeSwitching 200 Series FAQ.

Extreme Employee
Hi, Agree with Anton. x440-G2 is the nice product and policy user/device authentication is integrated with EXOS netlogin.

Contributor II
We recently changed from A2H124 to x440-g2 and the devices are great (90 pieces).
The features you get with X440G2 are great, you can have policys on the device/ports - and much more.
Extreme gave us a good discount for the new switches.


We understand that this can create some complexities for our customers - though it is also a matter of tailoring the best OS offerings for the various classes of products - and we can also help to unify these through the use of the Extreme Management Center product offerings to provide a "one pane of glass" experience across Extreme products with different network OS's.