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Automatic iSCSI Provisioning

Create Date: Jun 13 2012 2:49PM Hello, I try to configure Automatic iSCSI Provisioning on X670 v1512b12-patch1-4. but I get some problems. I did it like the document ANiSCSISAN_1789.pdf and I use the integrated iscsi.pol script. The following...

netlogin: upm profile for checking windows services

Create Date: Jun 4 2012 1:46PM Hi, I´am using netlogin (dot1.x and mac-based) configuration on my switches. For the authentication against radius i use windows server 2008 r2 (nps). Although i work with prim an sec radius server i must check the...

vlan BOOTPrelay

Create Date: May 30 2012 2:06AM I have a separate vlan vlan in 22 different vlans being created and all the range of addresses on the DHCP server and the ports necessary for the ties between the two are configured. but after configuring the boot...