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XOS scripting reference

Create Date: Apr 17 2013 2:01PM Is there a reference guide somewhere for XOS scripting that I'm missing? It would be nice to have a full reference of what TCL functionality is supported and what other functionality exists that I may find useful at...

Calling Variable in XOS 15.X

Create Date: Aug 23 2012 9:24AM I am trying to set a variable to a port number (or range) and apply the variable when configuring a vlan: set var uplink 1:48 config vlan vlan200 add port $uplink tag I can see that the variable gets created and is...

Save upm vars and var keys after reboot?

Create Date: Dec 13 2013 12:22PM Well, I'm new to Extreme devices, so new that I don't even know how to save vars and var keys needed by upm profiles after a reboot. Can you tell me if it's possible and/or pointing to the right documentation? Thank...

Script to add banner for multiple devices

Create Date: May 21 2012 8:03AM I would like to create script that will ad banner to my devices. Currentli have issues with diferent commands on XOS and Extremeware. Also when i add in script something like: configure banner before-login *...


Create Date: Apr 19 2012 1:15AM Hi Guys, I tried to configure SNMpV2c on extreme black diamond ..and used the command # configure snmp add comunity readonly I would like to know if this is the right command for snmp v2c as when I tried to che...