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Create file with sysName in filename using Python

Hello all,I recently started using Netmiko with Python to script out data collection on EXOS/VOSS switches, and I am trying to export the outputs of commands to a file using the switch name as well as the command that was ran. The script is working, ...

dleboeuf by New Contributor
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XMC Governance regex flags

Hi, I'm trying to catch a especific config for a interface vlan, but since there are several interfaces vlan I'm getting a no match. for example: ! interface vlan 321 ip igmp snoop interface vlan 124 ip igmp snoop ! I'm trying the following expre...

Add wait time to xsf file

Hello Everyone,I'm trying to automate a simple task of turning some port up/down with a script. Where I'm getting stuck is when I try add a pause. This is what I have:show port 12 configuration no-refreshdisable port 12#timer 1enable port 12show port...

Add route to VRF

Hi ExpertsI'm quite new in this.I ned to add a static to a vrf in our VSP8284XSQ Switch.When a do a : sh ip route vrf MYVRF     i got thisDST           MASK          NEXT           VRF/ISID COST FACE PROT AGE TYPE PRF172.22.0.0

Jonhs by New Contributor
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Port authentication report

Hi,Is there a way to get a report to know the state of the port authentication (Enable/Disable or Force authorize). I can get that information for a switch with the menu Authentication Configuration. I would like to get this information for the entir...