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Resolved! Ansible project with VSP/VOSS switches

I am starting to look at ANSIBLE as a COVID19 learning project. Curious if anyone has built anything with ANSIBLE for VSP/VOSS management.  Willing to share you work and experience?   Thanks   Full disclosure, as my titles reads I do work at Extre...

EXRT_Paul by Extreme Employee
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Resolved! XMC script -> Timeout during login to device

Hello all,I have a problem running python scripts on some switches. The scripts are started on the XMC.Due to several radius servers and other parameters it takes more than 30 seconds until the CLI session (SSH) is established.If I open a terminal in...

StephanH by Valued Contributor III
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Resolved! Suppress printout of results at XMC->Scripts

Hello community,if you query a switch with a pyhton script in XMC, when you execute the script via the XMC GUI, everything that the switch returns is displayed under results. So e.g. if you send a "show vlan" all vlans will be displayed, even if you ...

StephanH by Valued Contributor III
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Resolved! Port Mirror on ExtremeXOS version

Pls i need an assistance,Is there a way to filter some VLAN not to be mirrored on a Port base Mirror configuration?i have a 4 different VLAN tagged to a port , and the same port is been mirrored , automatically by default all VLAN tagged on the port ...

ola by New Contributor
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