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Resolved! Running XMC workflow scripts in pc for testing

Hi,I'm creating some workflows in XMC and I would like to run them on my PC first just for testing. Is there a class or functions that I can import just to simulate the script and check for errors, even if it is just syntax error, before running it o...

Resolved! XMC NBI mutation to delete "Authorized Users"

Hello,via the XMC NBI it is possible to display the authorized users for XMC that were created statically or dynamically.Unfortunately I have not found a way to delete these users via the NBI (there seems to be no mutation for this).Does anyone know ...

StephanH by Valued Contributor III
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Python Scripting

Create Date: Apr 26 2013 5:52PM I was told at one point that EXOS version 15 and higher would allow you to script in the python programming language. Is that true and if so how can I access the interpreter? Thanks in advance! (from bw447)

Send User-ID to PanOS?

Hello.We’re relatively new and running Extreme gear with a PaloAlto firewall.We’d really like to be able to send PPSK user-id info over to PanOS so we can user the information over there.The steps mentioned in this document from 2013 are no longer cu...

JeffM by New Contributor
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