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Upgrading Firmware using REST API

Has anyone attempted to upgrade a VDX 6740 via its REST API? i am having the following issue:This is the XML body for doing the POST<firmware-download><scp>    <user>user</user>    <password>password</password>    <host></host>    <direct...

Exitium by New Contributor
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Resolved! Workflow with interaction to load a file

Hi Guys, Do you know if it is possible to make an interactive workflow where we can load a file available on my computer?The purpose is to provide reference data to the workflow to provision static channels 2.4GHz/5GHz on APs.The APs are adopted by a...

Resolved! XMC Python System Variables and api commands

Hi, I am starting to create our own scripts/macros for certain tasks in Python and been looking at some of the built in one, so a simple one is disable a port: from device import apiprint "selected ports = " + emc_vars["port"]api.perform_port_operati...

Chad5 by Contributor
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Resolved! EXOS Script for disabling ports on specific days

Hello,I am attempting to create a script that allows us to enable/disable ports at a certain time, on weekdays only and cannot find a proper guide on how we would do this, i am wondering if anyone else has come up with a solution - or could point me ...

Kfoster by New Contributor
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