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A buffer overflow was discovered in the GNU C Library's dynamic loader while processing the GLIBC_TUNABLES environment variable. This issue could allow a local attacker to use maliciously crafted GLIBC_TUNABLES environment variables when launching binaries with SUID permission to execute code with elevated privileges.

Products not listed in the Products Potentially Affected section have not been evaluated. Furthermore, products that have exceeded any software maintenance time periods are also not evaluated and will not be published. Please consult End of Sale and End of Service Life - Extreme Networks for the EOL notices related to the product under question.

Products Potentially Affected

OS/Product Exposure
Extreme Campus Controller (ExtremeCloud Appliance) Investigating
ExtremeAnalytics Investigating
ExtremeControl Investigating
IQ Engine (HiveOS) Investigating
XIQ-SE Investigating
Switch Engine (EXOS) No

Repair Recommendations

Please see the full Security Advisory article here for more details and updated information.