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EXOS VM v21.1 is Now Available on GitHub

EXOS VM v21.1 is Now Available on GitHub

Valued Contributor III
Virtual EXOS seems quite popular here and I wanted to let everyone know that the Virtual EXOS images for v21.1 have just been uploaded to our GitHub repository.

Looking for the release notes? Click here

Contributor II
Hi Stephane, I understand that and is great to have the a suggest for the next releases as support to the pre-sale phase of the partners (is not always possible to have physical HW for demo purposes). Thanks.

Extreme Employee
The VM are not a product, meaning this is a best effort development. Because a VM runs, by definition, on software, we need to emulate the HW (ASIC) in software. That requires some effort, sometimes quite important, depending on the feature.

I agree it would be great to support Policy and some other features. Maybe in a future release?

Contributor II
Hi, why no policy support also in this release? No openflow support, no ip-fix support....why you don't add these features to the VM? Are very useful these VM for learning the product and test configuration in manner that a customer may be more satisfied when a partner install then the product on a real switch...

New Contributor III
Hi Drew, is there a virtual EOS available?

-Rich P.