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Extreme now has proctored exams

Extreme now has proctored exams

New Contributor II
Wow, for years I have been taking Extreme Certifications for every product line. When people ask what Certs I have, I tell them, and answer the follow up question "Who is Extreme Networks!" Never have they been monitored, until now...Thanks Extreme you have finally reached CISCO level. I don't know what else to say, very disappointed.

Here is from the Technical Training Data Sheet:

"Extreme Networks technical training exams are considered high- stakes exams and are independently proctored by ProctorU, with one attempt of the related exam included within the standard course fee (this is regardless of whether the student has completed instructor-led training or self-paced eLearning).Further exam attempts can be purchased if required at an additional cost of $395. All exams can be registered for and administered within the Extreme Networks Learning Portal using an individual’s existing portal log-in. Students have

1 hour to complete the exam. An exam will be considered Passed with a score of 75% or above."

PS your not a high-stakes Cert!!! The last few acquisitions you have become less and less Extreme, I see all the quality Engineers leaving, and your customer loyalty waning. I guess it is all about the money. This is how you stay in 3rd place!

Less likely to lead Purple!


Honored Contributor
3 weeks with no feedback...
We always listen.
The next step after listening would be answering.

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I'm glad that virtual online proctoring is off the table but what about the other topics ?!

400$ for the exam is far too expansive and the ebook solution is also not good.

Extreme Employee
Hi, we've decided to end proctoring based on customer and partner feedback. Thanks for being vocal on this forum. Below is an extract from the message I sent to our WW teams earlier today. Rohan Abey. Director, Extreme Networks

In 2017 Extreme Networks introduced Virtual On Line Proctoring for technical exams as part of the Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS) certification process. As our training volume has significantly increased over the last 6 months we have been listening to customer feedback and reviewing our processes. Based on this review we have decided to end Virtual On Line Proctoring for ECS exams. A successful exam will still be required to achieve certification but it will be un-proctored and on line.

This will come into effect from 8th September 2018. Proctored exam bookings will continue to be accepted up to 7th September, and from 8th September all ECS exams will be available on line in the Extreme Networks Learning portal.

As we further develop our training portfolio we may introduce in person proctoring for selected advanced exams.

Will be great if they would listen to comments regarding the exam cost as well. 400 USD for an online exam is far over common market prices. I doubt this could be justified with efforts for such an exam since ProctorU left the game...

Thanks for the update, Glad to here that they listen to us.