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Home Lab for extreme networking

Home Lab for extreme networking

New Contributor
Home Lab for Extreme Networking. Would like to setup a lab to learn about Extreme networking. What switches are good to buy off ebay for a home lab. What switches would be good to learn layer 3 routing and intervlan routing and is there a free version of netsight.

Honored Contributor
Another thing that just came to my mind is noise.... we've 35°C / 95°F right now here in Austria and no one has a AC at home...... sometimes office buildings have on ... yes I'm melting 😞

In that case you'd like to make sure to have a switch that doesn't turn on his fans all the time if you are in the same room - for that I love my X440G2-12p-10G4 - sitting on my desk@0RPM

X440G2.4 # sh temp
Field Replaceable Units Temp (C) Status Min Normal Max
Switch : X440G2-12p-10G4 83.00 Normal 0 10-100 110

Depends on the PoE load and type. The 12 port version with one AP is quiet (fans stopped) even if there is 28C in the room. More PoE means more load means more heat ...
Regards Zdeněk Pala

It's funny you bring that up... I have a 430p on my desk (fanless) that I bought after having a 440-8P which was noisy as heck! I've got two 440-24P's in a lab rack next to me too. Sounds like an F3 hurricane in here when I'm up and running with everything!