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Updates to the Extreme Networks Certification program and Website

Updates to the Extreme Networks Certification program and Website

Extreme Employee
The Extreme Networks Certification program and web page has been updated. Depending on your level of expertise you will find there has been some changes. Below is a summary of the changes:

- The ENA has been replaced with the ECNA-XOS (ExtremeXOS Fundamentals)

- The ENS has been replaced with the ECS-XOS (ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing) and you DO NOT need the ECNA-XOS to attend or to archive the this certification.

- The ECS-Switching NMS (Enterasys Certified Specialist) has been retired. The curriculum has been separated into 2 technologies.

- Management

- ECS-NetSight or NetSight Boot Camp

- Switching and Routing

- ECS-EOS or ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing

- ECS-XOS or ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing

- ECS-Switching and ECS-Routing or Switching and Routing Boot Camp (EXOS and EOS).

- The ECE-Network Security has been replaced with the ECE-IAC (Extreme Certificated Expert - Identity Access Control) and this now include NetSight Boot Camp

- The ECE-Wireless requirements have changed. The BYOD Specialist has been replaced with the NAC Specialist. The NAC class will include the Wireless integration at the end of this month.

- The ECA-Networking now includes the Purview Specialist.

- The BYOD-Specialist is no longer available. The NAC and Policy Classes include Wireless integration and configuration.

Please note that only the ECE (Expert) and ECA (Architect) certification required multiple Specialist Certifications in order to obtain these higher level of Certification. All Extreme Networks classes include the Certification Exam as part of the Class purchase.

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Extreme Employee
Hello Marcus,

To certify for ECNA you are required to attend the class and take the exam or you can take the exam only. See the above response for the link to the Training Class schedule.

You can purchase the exam by submitting a PO for part number TR-EXAM-XOSFUND or TR-EXAM-EOSFUND, depending on this ECNA certification you require, or you can purchase the exam codes by credit card on our Extranet site here:

Thanks, Suzanne

New Contributor
Hello guys, What's the exam code of ECNA? and Where can I take the exam online?

Thank you

Honored Contributor
Hi Weda,

the course will prepare you for the exam....