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I have a strange performance Issue on a X450-G2-48p-10GE4, i suggest some kind of interoperability issue, but Iā€™m not sure what causes it. I cannot see any hint of a root cause.When connecting a (new) computer on some ports, although getting 1000Mbit...
Anyone tried scripting with VRs in EXOS 30? The user guide still quotes: code:try: f = open('/proc/self/ns_id', 'w') f.write('2\n') f.close() See:
I'm trying to get the nodealias-Data json-formatted for using it in an python-script. When using code:debug cfgmgr show next nodealias.nodeAliasInterfaceEntry I get the error code:getnext loop detected after 2 instances. Try adding index attributes...
We are trying to cablediag a 2,5Gbit-Port and facing an error in both tested version ( patch 1-8, 22.7.12 patch 1-3). It works with a 1Gbit-Port. code:# run diagnostics cable ports 1:1Do you want to continue cable diagnostics? (y/N) Yescable...
SW-Versions summitX- / summitX- use ELRP (Extreme with Extreme) and STPD-BPDU Protection (Extreme with Other vendors) to prevent loops.Last Week, someone wired a port with tagged vlans (netlogin-Protected) with a p...