How to Config MPLS to use with "Xconnect" (cisco)

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Example of cisco command #################################################
interface Vlan1234
mtu 15xx
xconnect 1234567890 encapsulation mpls
no shutdown

Anybody have an idea to cfg Exos, and work with Cisco xconnect.

Thank you
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Posted 4 years ago

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xconnect is definitely not possible, Because it's Cisco proprietary. but VPLS VPWS might be possible.
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You can use PWs if you have the right license to do it. I have tested it to work togheter with Huawei, Juniper but not currently Cisco. 
it should work with Cisco IOS and IOS XR, but you must check the PWs encapsulation mode or VC-type.

By the way, how to enable mpls on EX OS VM ???????

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Hello. I've just made a Cisco's xconnect to signal with Extreme's VPWS! 

Find the CISCO configuration below:
pseudowire-class PW_CLASS 
 encapsulation mpls
 interworking ethernet
interface GigabitEthernet0/3.666 encapsulation dot1Q 666
 xconnect Z.Z.Z.Z 666 pw-class PW_CLASS
  remote circuit id 666

Extreme configuration:
create vlan "VPWS_CISCO_VLAN"
configure vlan VPWS_CISCO_VLAN add ports 20 untagged
disable igmp snooping vlan "VPWS_CISCO_VLAN"
create l2vpn vpws VPWS_CISCO fec-id-type pseudo-wire 666
configure l2vpn vpws VPWS_CISCO add service vlan VPWS_CISCO_VLAN
configure l2vpn vpws VPWS_CISCO add peer X.X.X.X

Got the VPWS signaling UP on both sides:

* EXTREME_EXOS # show l2vpn vpws "VPWS_CISCO" detail L2VPN Name: VPWS_CISCO
   VPN ID                : 666                   Admin State   : Enabled
   Source Address        : Z.Z.Z.Z         Oper State    : Enabled
   VCCV Status           : Disabled              MTU           : 1500
   VCCV Interval Time    : 5 sec.                Ethertype     : 0x8100
   VCCV Fault Multiplier : 4                     .1q tag       : exclude
   L2VPN Type            : VPWS                  Redundancy    : None
   Service Interface     : VPWS_CISCO_VLAN
   Created By            : CLI

   Peer IP: X.X.X.X
      PW State           : Up
      PW Index           : 10010
      PW Signaling       : LDP
      PW Uptime          : 0d:1h:17m:22s
      PW Installed       : True
      Local PW Status    : No Faults
      Remote PW Status   : No Faults
      Remote I/F MTU     : 1600
      PW Mode            : Core-to-Core
      Transport LSP      : LDP LSP (Not Configured)
         Next Hop I/F    : EXTREME_EXOS
         Next Hop Addr   : Y.Y.Y.Y             Tx Label  : 0x00473
         Tx Pkts         : 0                         Tx Bytes  : 0
      PW Rx Label        : 0x00460                PW Tx Label  : 0x0017d
      PW Rx Pkts         : 0                      PW Tx Pkts   : 0
      PW Rx Bytes        : 0                      PW Tx Bytes  : 0
      MAC Limit          : No Limit
      VCCV HC Status     : Not Sending (VCCV Not Enabled For This L2VPN)
         CC Type         : Rtr Alert           Total Pkts Sent : 0
         CV Type         : LSP Ping            Total Pkts Rcvd : 0
         Send Next Pkt   : --
         Total Failures  : 0          Pkts During Last Failure : 0
         Last Failure Tm : --

Of course, this was done assuming that all other configuration are previously done (OSPF, MPLS, LDP).

Z.Z.Z.Z = Extreme's loopback interface
X.X.X.X - Cisco's loopback interface

Hardware used was Cisco C7206 and Extreme X670. 
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Wow!  That's awesome!  Thanks for sharing!
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this information help me, even though i search problem for another device (vpls on cisco)