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 Hide or disable the "clean up" option for non admin user on XMC 8.5

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Eddgar Richard Rojas Calderon posted 03-14-2022 11:14
Good morning I have XMC we have leveraged our technical support department to use the XMC end system page with certain capabilities, for example changing the device group computers the manage. In recent versions of XMC they introduce the "clean up data" option, this option erase all end systems table and I do not want those non-admin users to see or use that option.  I have looked for and tried modifying the capabilities of the authorization groups but no success.

Is there a way to achieve hiding the "clean up data option" to only appear for admin group/users?
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Ryan Yacobucci


At this time the "Clean Up Data" button is not hidden by permissions and it's not possible If you'd like this was a future feature I would suggest creating a GTAC case to create a feature request. 

There are plans to change it's behavior so that by default it won't cleanup the entire end system database.