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 How frequency does ap update the client's stat?

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zlinuxboy posted 06-28-2022 04:36

ap7522-044FA8>show wireless client statistic rf | inc 16-F7-F9
E0-E1-A9-16-F7-F9 -40(5) -92 52(5) 228(4) 189(4) 0.00 0 5 5.96(5)​


rui@odc2-2 /e/s/network> sudo iw dev usb_wifi1 link
Connected to 74:67:f7:2e:1b:31 (on usb_wifi1)
        SSID: jiefang
        freq: 5785
        RX: 473268135 bytes (4085620 packets)
        TX: 232661267 bytes (23471148 packets)
        signal: -41 dBm
        rx bitrate: 12.0 MBit/s
        tx bitrate: 12.0 MBit/s

        bss flags:      short-slot-time
        dtim period:    2
        beacon int:     100

The signal between AP and client are different. so how frequency does ap update the client's stat?
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Angelo Cargnel

this is a setting the rf-domain

(config-rf-domain-default)#stats update-interval ?
<5-300> Update interval in seconds
auto Stats update interval is automatically adjusted by rf-domain
manager dynamically based on the load

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