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 SMLT Square - Force traffic down VLAN UNI instead of SPB (NNI) links

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Alex Taylor posted 06-28-2022 10:43
We are testing multiple p2p circuits between DC's for the sake of the test we have created VID 50 and placed an IP on these vlans to ping across this circuit for connectivity.

The current DC has prod traffic that is being sent down existing NNI's 2/19 on either side.

For a quick test we have configured a SMLT square between all 4 VSP's. As a consequence of this we have tied VID 50 to I-SID 50 (for SMLT). 

Only vid 50 is on links 1/1 and 1/2 (SMLT)


How would you force traffic for VID 50 down this SMLT instead of the existing 2/19 (NNI) that is being used for prod traffic? - Any configuration on the prod links is trying to be avoided.

This configuration isn't meant to stay in prod, it is just used as a quick connectivity check across these circuits. (the final configuration would just use NNI's between DC's

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Roger Lapuh
you are creating a loop if you connect vid 50 on both vIST pairs to isid 50.