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 VDX6720 Firmware Update NOS 4.1.3b

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StevenKhieu posted 04-11-2019 02:59
Hello All.
I'm trying to update my VDX6720 to the latest 4.1.3d
Setup the ftp, can log on etc.. but the switch doesn't update.
I think I might be missing the plist file.
These are the files I have in the zip :

I set up the FileZilla ftp correctly, Can access the ftp, read write del etc...
But got stuck at the file name ? maybe ? do I need to put the .zip ? I unzipped the files into a folder.
Took a screenshot of everything for you to see :

Here is the command I typed in to back up the entire switch before update:
Switch#: copy startup-config ftp://vdx:vdx6720@

This is what I get: Error while transfering file over ftp. Please check the host IP address, user/password, and the permission and space left on the remote directory.

Can someone point the way please.
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StevenKhieu Best Answer
Hi Mike

I did extracted the entire zip.
It is located in the same exact location as the backed up "running config".
The backing up config saved fine. No issue.

The backed up file is in location


If you look at the pict in the first image link, you will see the entire dir listing and the files in there.
The BK folder is also there and the backed up config is in there.
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So does the directory nos4.1.3d contain the fully expanded zip-file?
Did you try it with "/nos4.1.3d"?

Did the copy command with the running configuration work? Maybe you need to specify the mgmt-vrf.
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Michael Morey

This is correct, please verify that you are pointing to the fully extracted directory containing all the SWBD floders. I commonly see people extract the folder to an additional nested folder where the path is actually /nos4.1.3d/nos4.1.3d/

Did the copy command with the running configuration work? Maybe you need to specify the mgmt-vrf.

This would not apply to NOS 4.1.3d as VRFs did not exist until the release of NOS 5.0

I would also like to know if you were able to copy the running config to the FTP server. This would confirm that at least the UN/PW and connectivity are not an issue. If this is the case, the issue has to be with the file path.

You can also try logging in to the VDX as root and then using normal ftp commands to connect to the FTP server to confirm UN/PW and file path.

Hope this helps,

Mike Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer
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Hi and sorry for my poor english,

Recently i’m bougth a brocade vdx 6720-24 with NOS 2.1.0 in ebay, and i’m totally newbe with brocade products, i need the latest firmware if is possible, and some advice configuring the switch, i only need configure as 10Gb Switch for link my 2 R710 and R910…

Thx for advance

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Firmware sent. 

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Can you help me with the latest firmware too?

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Hi all, 

I've got a couple of 6720s' running nos2.1.0. I have nos4.1.3d. I tried to update to 4.1.3d but received an error that I need to update to nos4.1.0 first. I don't have nos4.1.0 so can anyone share?
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Mike Wiles
Hi everyone,

I apologize for dropping in, but I have the same issue many seem to have. My VDX6720 at 3.0.1 and I am trying to get to 4.1.3d. Can someone help me get the firmware files needed to upgrade from 3.0.1 to 4.1.3d?

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You still need the the FW?