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 X670-G2 Update from to the last EXOS

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laurent bourgeois posted 05-19-2022 08:31

We are trying to put up to date all our infrastructure. This week we have discover we have very old version for our x670-g2.
What's the goal to update if we have don't search new feature? Security aspect?

Since we have a old version, can we have problem after the update? or if we try to import an old Cfg backup in the new version?

Thx in advance.
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Sam Pirok
Hi Laurent, thanks for reaching out. You are correct, the goal in updating to the latest firmware version (even if you aren't interested in any new features) would be to keep up to date with any security updates that may have come out. I double checked with our EXOS support team and you should be fine to upgrade from your current version to the latest one, but they did recommend backing up your configuration before hand just to be safe, as a best practice for any time you want to upgrade. Hope that helps!
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Here are some upgrade best practices in case of any issues:

If you are upgrading a stack, note that you may hit this issue which requires a step on a 22 version.