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Move APs between HiveManager online instances

Move APs between HiveManager online instances

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Hello Everybody,


I manage a HiveManager (8.1r2) with two instances and a couple of APs on each one. I was requested to migrate all the APs just to one instance. I am thinking that I could do a backup of the database A and restore the backup on the instance B, but I have a couple of question that I would like to clarify:

1.      Is it possible to move the AP as I described, or is there any other alternative other than do it manually?

2.      When I restore the backup of the instance A on the instance B, does this delete all the devices, configurations, etc. on the instance B?

3.      What is the impact on the instance B, which will receive the new devices?

4.      When I restore the backup on the instance B, can this bring some conflicts between the instances, should I erase the database of the instance A first?

5.      Any other issues / recommendations?


Also I would like to know what is the maximum latency between the AP and the CAPWAP server, and what could be the impact if it’s exceeded.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Of course, this guide reviews how to export and import device inventory in HiveManager Classic-


The static settings should transfer over with the device inventory when you import it, but I would recommend double checking the settings on a few APs before pushing a complete configuration update to them.

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Hello Sam,


Can you please provide me some documentation about how to export the device inventory. All of my devices are configured with static IPs, do I need to reconfigure the devices or once it's imported will be working fine?


Thank you for your support.

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To answer your questions:

  1. You can move the AP this way, but it would remove the original settings in instance B. I would instead recommend exporting your device inventory only, and importing those serial numbers from instance A to the device inventory of instance B.
  2. Restoring a backup of instance A to instance B would remove most settings and objects that were originally in instance B. So this wouldn't be a merging of the two instances so much as a re-write of B in to A.
  3. Instance B would be essentially overwritten.
  4. You would want to remove the devices from instance A's device inventory before you'll be able to put them in to instance B, but otherwise there should be no conflict.
  5. I wouldn't recommend doing the backup unless you're prepared to lose what configuration items were in B. I would recommend instead rebuilding instance A's configuration items in instance B, then removing the devices from instance A, put the device in instance B, then push a complete configuration update out to all devices.


For the latency, the default is 105 seconds, and if this is exceeded several times in a row, the APs will appear disconnected from the HiveManager until they start responding within the time window. The APs will still pass traffic as normal even when disconnected from the HiveManager, but you wouldn't be able to manage or update them until the reconnected to the HiveManager.