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Vendor OUI Report

Hi ThereI wonder if someone can help me.  Is it possible to create a report in XMC to show all known devices from selected vendor OUI's?  If so, can you provide some info on how I do it??Many thanks!!Phill

PhillipL by New Contributor
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Confusion in Choosing Best Python Framework

Hi this is Palak Sharma I am an engineering student. I like doing coding in different programming languages. Python in one of my Favorite programming language. I am planning to develop web application therefore I need to choose best Python Framework...

palaks by New Contributor
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Creating a custom fingerprint with IP as server

Hi All,Trying to create a new analytics fingerprint where it will classify flows based on the IP being the server in the flow. In my testing now, it seems that it will classify the flow as the new custom fingerprint regardless if it's client or serve...

Chad5 by Contributor
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Undefined-1600008 application

Fellow Analytics Users,I have noticed that after upgrading to that I see a bunch of:Undefined-1600008application that comes up mostly for https server port. I have not seen this before.Anyone else?Thanks,

Chad5 by Contributor
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