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Change Management-Server IP

Change Management-Server IP

New Contributor

we recently moved our Site-Engine from our Test-Network into our Live-Management-Network so it goes productive.
This also includes, that the Site-Engine got newly installed in our productive VM-Environment. I just imported the old database to keep all the stuff i already configured.
We also have a Analytics-Engine which was working with the "old" Site-Engine installation.
I want to keep that Engine for now, so i tried to connect to the new Site-Engine.

When i look at the configuration for Analytics-Engine i can see the device including IP, Firmware etc. but there´s an error-message below:
Connectivity Issues: wrong management server

My guess is that somewhere in the Analytics-Engine the old Site-Engines IP is still configured. Any idea how this IP can be changed?
dnetconfig does not include this option.

Best regards

New Contributor
After some manual searching for scripts and configuration files in the Analytics-Engine, i was able to find the solution by myself.

For anybody who may encounter a similar problem:

Server-IP must be edited in these files:
After restart the appid-Service
service appidserver restart

Although these files state that you may not change the setting manually because there is a script for it, the related script does not change the management-ip. I was not able to find the script which points to this entry.
Changing the entries manually worked fine for me.