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Resolved! need to replace ip from ve interface.

interface ve 111vrf forwarding Aip anycast-address address >>>>>>> . I need to replace this ip from another range of ip as its mistake, you can see anycast is different range. what would be EFA CLI . I a...

Route leaking not working

I want to create communication btw vrf1 to vrf2 using the route leaking feature.vrf1:  -  destination reachable through default route -next hop  - ve 1101 Using below commands, communication does no...

lledidga by New Contributor
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I need to disable backup routing

 while trying to disable backup routing its not working , refer below log efa fabric setting update --name fabric1 --backup-routing-enable noError :  fabric1: fabric is already active and cannot be updated

Resolved! SLX/EFA BFD session down logs missing

Hello experts,Working with SLX/EFA I'm experiencing some BDF flaps but I cannot see the events of session DOWN/UP at the #show logging raslog, is there a way to check this SNMP events somewhere else?Or maybe a file where all the SNMP events are saved...

Resolved! VE interface in a fabric of six VDX6740

Hello,A fabric with six VDX6740's (3 data centers with 2 VDX6740 per data center).If I want to create a VE interface for a particular VLAN, do I have to assign IP per each rbridge-id or only on those that I want to participate in the VRRP group?Thank...